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Toffee Tins

We make our toffee in small batches to ensure each piece has the quality flavor and soft crunch we’re known for. Whatever time of the year or occasion, our toffee tins are a great addition. Enjoy an assortment of our special toffee with friends and family and make your day that much sweeter.  

1-Flavor Tin 3-2.jpg
1-Flavor Tin Insert.jpg

This is our new 10oz. toffee tin. It's just the right amount of sweets to gift someone or to have just for yourself. Choose one from 12 of Venita's wonderful toffee flavors.

Tin insert.jpg
Variety Tin.jpg

Mix up to 3 flavors of your choice in our special Variety Toffee Tin. This 7 inch round and 4 inch deep tin holds 20 ounces of Venita's toffee. Pick from 13 of her unique toffee flavors. Makes a perfect gift!

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