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Gourmet Candied Nuts

Jacked up Peanut Blend 

Our gourmet candied nuts are a delicious mix for a special range of tastes. Fresh jumbo peanuts are soaked in single-barrel Tennessee whiskey, then oven roasted. The peanuts are then candied in premium sugar with a hint of ghost pepper that warms the mouth. Finally, we mix in some bacon jerky with small chunks of Venita's own special peanut brittle. 

This is not overly sweet. The combination of ingredients is designed for the sophisticated palate and for those who want something beyond just candied nuts. Contents come in a beautiful, reusable 8 oz flask-like tin. These gourmet candied nuts will stand out at your usual snack table and give you and your guests new flavors to try.  

Jacked Up Final.jpg
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