Unique Gourmet Toffee Gifts

Toffee Cookies

Special Gift Box

Make a delicious impression with one of our special gourmet toffee gifts! These are perfect for events, special occasions, or as extra-special gifts that are made with the same care and attention as our regular toffee orders, having a sweet and unique dessert for any occasion. 
We can make special toffee cookies from 10 different flavors, containing our recognizable soft crunch of toffee in each bite.

Our special gift box contains a one pound box of toffee (your choice of flavor), one 8oz can of Jacked Up Peanuts and a one pound bag of toffee crumbles (your choice of flavor). It is the ultimate sweet gift box.


We also sell AA Toffee Triangles made with chocolate caramel double crunch or vanilla caramel centered with a chocolate- or vanilla-covered Oreo. You can customize the medallion number with your celebration year for a more personal touch. Select a unique gourmet toffee gift and enjoy the sweetness we deliver! 

Toffee Cookies2.jpg

These 2 inches toffee cookies are an explosion of sweetness made with clusters of soft crunch toffee, caramel, nuts, chocolate and sugar cookie bits. You get a dozen cookies (Approximately 1lb.) and can choose from 12 different flavors.

Closed Box.jpg

This decorative 9x7x7 gift box comes with 1 pound of Venita's gourmet toffee (your choice of flavor), 1 eight ounce can of Jacked Up Peanuts and 1 pound of toffee crumbles (your choice of flavor). This is a perfect gift for any sweet lover. Limited supply.


Custom AA Toffee Triangles

Choc AA.jpg

Chocolate Caramel Double Crunch flavor comes with a chocolate-covered chocolate Oreo and the Vanilla Caramel flavor comes with a white chocolate covered lemon Oreo. Both flavors has an edible decal on top of the cookie and you can customize the Roman numeral in the very center. It's 6x5 inches and weighs approx. 8 oz.


Mother's Day Toffee Heart

8 ounces of an all edible, colorful heart-shaped toffee candy decorated with tiny flowers and a butterfly, centered with a covered Oreo cookie. Your choice of Chocolate Caramel Double Crunch with a chocolate Oreo covered in milk chocolate or Vanilla Caramel with a Lemon Oreo covered in white chocolate.