This is our new 10oz. toffee tin. Just the right amount of sweets to gift someone or to have just for yourself. Choose one from 12 of Venita's wonderful toffee flavors.



Mix up to 3 flavors of your choice in our special Variety Toffee Tin. This 7 inch round and 4 inch deep tin holds 20 ounces of Venita's toffee. Pick from 13 of her unique toffee flavors. Makes a perfect gift!



Toffee Cookies

These 2 inches toffee cookies are an explosion of sweetness made with clusters of soft crunch toffee, caramel, nuts, chocolate and sugar cookie bits. You get a dozen cookies (Approximately 1lb.) and can choose from 10 different flavors.


Jacked Up Peanut Blend

Fresh jumbo peanuts soaked in Tennessee (single-barrel) whiskey then oven-roasted. The peanuts are then candied in premium sugar with a hint of ghost pepper that warms the mouth. We then mix in some candied bacon jerky with small chunks of Venita's own special peanut brittle and it all comes in an 8oz re-useable beautiful, flask-like tin.


Nearly Naked Gourmet Brittle

Venita's Nearly Naked Gourmet Brittle comes in 4 flavors: Peanut Brittle, Tropical Brittle, Chili Lime and Cinnamon Almond. Each one has different  nuts that is uniquely seasoned and all have a hint of ghost pepper that warms the mouth.


Soft Crunch Toffee

Cookies and Cream

A classic flavor taken to a new level with toffee and a marshmallow nougat covered with a layer of semi sweet chocolate on one side and white chocolate on the other mixed with almonds and topped off with crushed Oreos.

$36.00 (1 lb.)

Smoked Pineapple

A unique combination of flavors for your taste buds to experience made with white chocolate, pineapple flavored toffee with smoked flavoring, a touch of ghost pepper and macadamia nuts. A true burst of flavor in every bite.

$36.00 (1 lb.)

Pumpkin Spice

This is our popular holiday flavor. It’s like biting into a crunchy, chewy pumpkin pie made with flavored pumpkin toffee, white chocolate and pecans. A must-try for pumpkin lovers!

Not Available

$36.00 (1 lb.)

Apple Pecan

Another one for the fruit lovers out there, this is made from milk chocolate, pecans, caramel, natural apple flavor and it tastes like apple pie!

$36.00 (1 lb.)

Chocolate Caramel Double Crunch

Best Seller!

This is the mothership of our toffee flavors that's made from milk chocolate, almonds, caramel and an extra layer of toffee. This is our most popular and best selling flavor.

$36.00 (1 lb.)

Peanut Butter Mocha

A classic combo made with dark chocolate, caramel, peanuts, espresso & peanut butter flavored toffee.

$36.00 (1 lb.)

Macadamia Coconut

This toffee is made with dark chocolate, lightly salted macadamia nuts, caramel and coconut flavored toffee. This is a must for coconut lovers!

$36.00 (1 lb.)

Chocolate Mint

Not your ordinary after dinner mint, this special recipe of toffee mint is really smooth and refreshing. It is made of dark chocolate, caramel, almonds and mint flavored toffee!

$36.00 (1 lb.)

Vanilla Caramel

Very Popular!

A super decadent go-to dessert for all vanilla lovers out there. It's made with white chocolate, pecans and caramel. You better buy extra!

$36.00 (1 lb.)

Red Raspberry

Caramel Popcorn

Salted S'mores

This toffee is for the fruit lovers, a slightly tart, but sweet red raspberry flavor covered in rich dark chocolate, caramel and almonds.

$36.00 (1 lb.)

If you love caramel popcorn then you're really going to love this flavor. It almost belongs in its own food group made with dark chocolate, pecans, caramel and popped caramel corn.

$36.00 (1 lb.)

A favorite combination made with milk chocolate, caramel, graham cracker, almonds and course ground sea salt. Our marshmallow is made from scratch and lightly toasted!

$36.00 (1 lb.)

Pistachio Honey

Made with fresh pistachio nuts, pure honey powder, caramel, pistachio toffee and dark chocolate.

$36.00 (1 lb.)

Super Sampler

This Super Sample Pack lets you try all 12 of our flavors. Approximately 9oz in weight this box size is 4x4x2.5 inches containing 1 bite-size piece of each flavor.


Custom AA Toffee Triangles

Chocolate Caramel Double Crunch flavor comes with a chocolate-covered chocolate Oreo and the Vanilla Caramel flavor comes with a white chocolate covered lemon Oreo. Both flavors has an edible decal on top of the cookie and you can customize the Roman numeral in the very center. It's 6x5 inches and weighs approx. 8 oz.


Tower of Toffee

This tall tasty tower of toffee holds about 5 pounds with 5 outer tiers and an inner column of sweetness. Your choice of any 5 flavors and the top center piece can be customized to the occasion! Assembly required.