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Business Owners Beware

I’m sure you all have noticed, the pandemic has caused prices to soar. The price of gasoline has gone up a couple of dollars a gallon, grocery prices have gone up significantly and of course restaurant prices are higher than ever. Even fast food costs more.

I lived in Santa Clarita for many years and I have a lot of friends who live in that area so once a week I drive down from the Frazier Park area to have lunch or dinner. We’ve all missed meeting face to face, looking into each others eyes and giving big bear hugs, same as you.

For the past month, we have met at some of the places we used to frequent and I do sympathize with businesses wanting to recover from the devastating loss of the past two years. I’m willing to pay a couple extra dollars to help that happen, but did the quality go? The last three places we went to, and I will not name them, the food was terrible. Too salty, too dry, disguised with a pound of substitute butter or having no flavor at all.

We aren’t going back to any of those places and we will miss them but I refuse to pay more for something that isn’t as good as it was before. What happened to the quality? It feels like they don’t care anymore. Did they lose their star chefs during the lock down? Maybe their workers aren’t fully trained yet. Are they cutting corners to make ends meet? I know how difficult it is. I’ve lost many sales too. Still, I can’t support them if I can’t enjoy the food.

During this trying time, I promise not to raise my prices to try to make up for lost sales. You will be able to enjoy Venita’s Gourmet Sweets for the holidays this year, at the same price as last year. Same price, same great quality.

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