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A Celebration of Art

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

My Nephew sent me a wonderful piece of art that his daughter Emma painted. It’s hard to believe she is only eight years old. The colors are vivid, the landscape is sharp and the water reflects the sun all created with generous amounts of paint. Reminds me of Van Gogh. Of course as I looked at it my mind wandered back to my own childhood. I was always drawing something. I would proudly show my creations to my parents who would nod and smile. Days later I would find they were being used as drink coasters. My parents weren’t impressed by the arts and they always said they couldn’t provide a good living. They said I should find a real job like at the Post Office. Actually, I did work at the post office for about 8 years.

Encouragement is so very important for children. It is like Miracle Grow for plants. Words and actions matter. Praising sincerely and honestly, listening when they speak and complimenting them when you catch them being good.

Thank you dear Emma for thinking of me and thank you for the inspiration. Keep an eye out for the UPS man as he will be bringing you something sweet. I hope you like it.

Auntie V

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